Art Therapy as a Means of Stress Relief


In today’s world, it is all too common to develop stress from work or personal issues; many people find stress relief through art therapy. Art therapy allows people to express themselves through art; an effective therapy which bring healing and balance to one’s emotional and mental wellbeing. Art therapists are trained for art and therapy, and have studied both psychology and human development. Art therapy is helpful to those who suffer from different emotional, physical, and mental challenges, and people with high stress level.

Benefits of Art Therapy for Stress Relief:

  • Art therapy helps to shift moods very quickly, helping to release anger and stress instantaneously.
  • Art therapy helps cope with workplace stress. Painting during lunch breaks when working in corporate environments relieves stress.
  • Art therapy helps to overcome distraction problems in life.
  • Helps to flow with emotions, express yourself with art, and overcome depression and anxiety.
  • Researchers found that art therapy for 45 minutes significantly lessens stress
  • Finding relief from overwhelming emotions
  • Art therapy helps recover from distress
  • Reduce your stress levels from workplace and personal issues.
  • Discover insights about yourself, and experience personal growth and mental strength

Simple Art Therapy Ideas to Help You De-Stress:

  • Create a postcard you don’t intend to send 
  • Cut and paste a painting to create a collage
  • Build an art object for a loved one
  • Draw in total darkness
  • Make your own crafting tool or brush for painting

Creating art or activities like painting, drawing, and photography can reduce your stress levels and make you mentally clear and calm. Art therapy boosts your self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment. Art therapy help release pent up stress and anger. By using art therapy ideas to overcome the stress in your life, you are choosing a great stress management activity that will help you explore your emotions in a positive way.

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