Meditation : The Sublime Art


Meditation simply means letting go. It may be stress, jealousy, hurt, sorrow or any negative emotion. To train the mind to do this effortlessly in everyday life. It’s a stress buster for healthier wealthier & happier lifestyle while engaging in activities. It’s an age old technique followed by people since times immemorial in all religions and cultures across the world.

Why Should I Meditate ?

In today’s time people often wonder why to meditate when there are so many ways to get rid of stress like playing a sport or dancing. Here’s why:

  • The junk that we pile up during interactions with people, from work and family commitments come in the form of negative thoughts, emotions and energy. During meditation, you clear all these junk out of your system, just like you cleaning out your room.
  • Meditation gives you clarity on your thoughts, your inner desires and increased self-awareness.
  • You become detached from your physical surroundings for a little while and hence you become grounded, calmer and more level headed which are required to run a busy scheduled life.
  • In place of Fear, Anger, Desire, Pride, you enter into levels of Courage, Neutrality, Willingness and peace.
  • Meditation rejuvenates, inspires, calms you & cures insomnia.

How can I meditate ?

  • Choose a convenient time and place: Quiet and peaceful surroundings can make the meditation experience for a beginner more enjoyable and relaxing.
  • Sit comfortably with a light stomach: Make sure you are relaxed, comfortable and steady and eyes closed throughout the process. The best time is to do meditation before meals as you won’t doze off during the process.
  • Start with some warm-up exercises, deep breaths because when you actually sit down your body should want to relax and not fidget.
  • As you come close to the end of the meditation, don’t be in a hurry to open your eyes and start moving about.

Energy Booster

  • During meditation, the increased flow of blood delivers more oxygen to the muscles and anxiety, nervousness, and tension. is more quickly and effectively removed.
  • Meditation can counteract depression and anxiety. 
  • Unlike coffee or soda to keep yourself fresh during the day, meditation permanently changes your brain or body in the same way exercise does, providing a long term solution for more energy.
  • Meditation boosts melatonin, which cures insomnia or less hours of sleeping so you wake up refreshed.
  • Meditation makes you incredibly cool, yet full of energy as it heightens the border of stress a person can handle. So when ever you get depressed or low you can quickly come out of it & also be able to handle a lot more pressure than before

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