Pranayama for Breath and Thought Control

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We have all heard that the human brain works faster than a computer does. On an average, we produce 40,000 thoughts per day which is, science believes, more tiring than running a marathon. Our thoughts can serve us by promoting creativity, curiosity, happiness, and love, but we can become to wrapped up in our negative emotions of jealousy, frustration, anger, unhappiness. Our thoughts are directly connected to the mind and breath, as the more we are in our heads, the more shallow and fast our breath.The lesser the thoughts, calmer the mind, and vice versa. Pranayama is the best way to control the mind. Read ahead to know how pranayama can work wonders for controlling your thoughts.

  • Breath control: Pranayama means “regulation of breath” and can be done several ways. The best way is to begin slow, deep, belly breathing. On the inhale, breathe deep into the belly for four counts and exhale through the mouth for five counts. Another popular pranayama technique is Nadi Shodhana or alternate nostril breathing. There are many different techniques but slow deep breaths is a great place to start.
  • Curing various mental problems: Practicing pranayama on a regular basis is the best way to get rid of a number of mental illnesses naturally. It provides better concentration and more oxygen which works wonders for you. Oxygen is life and flooding the body with  this nutrient helps release stress, which is the foundation of all illnesses. By destroying the foundation, pranayama automatically makes your health better than ever.
  • Less wandering thoughts: Did you know that thinking and breathing have a deep relation? When a person’s breathing is fast and shallow, it means he is agitated, while if his breath is even and relaxed, thoughts are reduced and the mind calms down. Pranayama reduces your respiratory rate, thus leading to a calm mind with fewer thoughts.
  • Controlling the mind: Pranayama allows a person to control his breathing and breathing pattern. When breathing is controlled, mind is controlled and subsequently thoughts are controlled. When thoughts or emotions arise, then the person can immediately do simple pranayama to control his/her mind in time. Once you gain control over your breathing, you will gain complete control over your mind, thoughts and emotions.
  • Positive effects on mind: Other yoga asanas have control on the physical body but pranayama acquires control over both physical and mental body. It helps you in getting control over your conscious and sub-conscious mind which leads to proper working of both the body and mind in the right direction.

Pranayama can do wonders for a person who practices it regularly. It helps you understand your body and mind, which is important for gaining control over your body, mind and life. Practice pranayama for ten minutes every day for living a healthy life!

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