Quick Facts: Food Allergies and Treatments

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Did you just eat something and experience an unusual reaction? You might have a food allergy if your symptom includes an upset stomach, hives, itching mouth, and in more severe cases, anxiety, weight gain, and asthma. Depending on the type of allergy you have, your symptoms will vary and so will the treatment. 

Adding And Eliminating Foods

Food allergies occur when your stomach reacts to certain foods in a weird way; weird because it is food and should be digested, but your body treats it as some sort of foreign substance. 

Increase green leafy vegetables in your diet. The vitamins and minerals in these veggies will give your immune system a boost. The “Allergy Elimination Diet” is also highly recommended for patients suffering from food allergies. You first remove all foods from your diet that are likely to cause a problem and then reintroduce them one by oneto see which food you’re reacting to. 

Injection On Hand

Food allergies such as those from peanuts or soy can be life threatening. Accidental consumption can lead to anaphylaxis, which is a severe reaction to a food item and causes trouble breathing. During such an event, having an Epi-Pen (to help inject epinephrine into the body) around can be extremely helpful. 

If you have an allergy or know someone who does, make sure you or they consult a doctor before using this device. You should also learn how to operate one to ensure safe use. 

Help Your Tummy

More often than not, food allergies are the result of the stomach being unable to break down certain foods. So why not give it a little help? Ask your doctor for supplements you can take to increase the acid in your stomach, which will make it easier to break down food. Activated charcoal is known to be another substance that aids the digestive process in the stomach. 

Proceed With Caution

Food allergies are not always life threatening. The first step is to find out what food you are allergic to and eliminate it completely from your diet. Be mindful of what you put in your stomach and consult a doctor. You will be just fine!

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