It’s really easy! All you have to do is enter few details about yourself and you are all set to consult with top doctors. Click on ‘Instant Consultation’ if you wish to consult with a doctor immediately. In case you wish to book an appointment with a specialist, click on Book an Appointment – choose the speciality of doctor and follow the instructions on the screen.

The consultation is carried out via a mobile app. You will need to be securely logged onto
the environment by the appointed time. The healthcare specialist will call you at the
appointed time. Please log into your CureAssist application at least 5 minutes before the
scheduled appointment. Also, stay on your app at least 5 – 8 minutes post the scheduled
appointment as the healthcare specialist may run over with his or her last consultation.
You can also use the app to manage the health of your loved ones in a safe & secured

Yes. We have a team of carefully selected and personally verified MD & MBBS doctors
from across India. Each doctor has received extensive training to consult you over the
app. Once a doctor is allocated to you, his/her profile can be viewed by tapping on their
profile picture.

No. This app is for primary care- the kind of problems that your family doctor can help
you with. Doctors on this app can only help you with consultation based issues that can
be shared in the form of video, pictures and medical reports. In case of a life- threatening
emergency, please call an ambulance or head to a good hospital.

One consultation lasts for 5 days, after which the consultation will automatically be
closed. However, if you have any followup questions regarding your last consultation, you
may proceed by clicking on the last consultation and click on send query. CureAssist
team will ensure the doctor responds with a answer within a reasonable timeframe.

We provide the flexibility of cancelling the appointment upto 2 hours of the scheduled
appointment. In case the appointment is cancelled post the cut-off time, the consultation
is treated as performed and there will be no refund of consultation fees.

In case the doctor is late by more than 15 minutes or is unable to consult come on the

video call because of any other is another reason, then we consider that video-
consultation did not take place and you are entitled to reimbursement. In such a case, we

will refund the funds to your mode of payment (Bank account or credit card)

As healthcare specialist may face emergency cases, we have allowed to cancel the
appointment on a short notice. In such a case, we will refund the consultation fees

The best assessor would be yourself – in case you have an acute condition that requires
immediate intervention beyond visual examination and contact, then naturally video
consultation may not be sufficient to address your concern. In such case, even if you
choose to consult a doctor, the doctor will ask you to have a physical appointment.

We need your mobile number, email to ensure that you can be immediately informed
when your doctor responds or when your medicines ship or to schedule your tests. We
need your personal details such as – age, gender, height, weight etc. purely for medical
usage by the doctor, so as to prescribe the most appropriate medicines and tests. You
may choose to also enter/upload your past medical records in a password protected
health vault for the doctor to have a better view of your condition. Your medical
information will remain completely private and you control with whom it s shared. We will
never share your information with anyone else.

Absolutely! Post the call, you can click on the ‘Follow-Up’ tab to book an appointment
with the doctor.